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Maharashtra SSC result: Schools across 9 divisions register 99.95% pass

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The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) reported a pass percentage of 99.95 across nine divisions in the state after Class 10, Secondary School Certificate (SSC) 2020-21 was released on Friday. It is a record pass percentage so far as per Board officials. As compared to 2020, the result this year was higher by 4.65 percent.

Around 15.74 lakh students from Maharashtra had registered for Class 10 for 2020-21. However, due to a surge in Covid cases, the Board was forced to cancel the offline examination which was scheduled in April and evaluate students based on internal assessment.

The evaluation criterion for tabulating results was based on marks of Class 9 and internal assessments of students in Class 10.

While earlier it was expected that no registered student would fail since schools are tabulating results at their level, of the 15,75,806 fresh candidates who had registered for exams, schools sent assessment reports for 15,75,752 of which 15,74,994 students passed.

A total of 82,802 repeater candidates registered for the exams, of which 82,674 student’s results were tabulated by schools and 74,618 candidates passed, making it a pass percentage of 90.25 percent.

This time, girls outshine boys as the pass percentage of girls (99.96) is slightly better than boys (99.94), as is the case every year. This year over 1 lakh students got over 90 percent marks. Among the nine divisions, Konkan division has the highest pass percentage as it declared 100 percent results while least pass percentage is from Nagpur division, 99.94 percent. In all, 27 of the 72 subjects have 100 percent results. Of the 22,767 schools in the state, 22,384 have also reported 100 percent results.

While 368 students qualify for ATKT (allowed to keep term) exams as they failed to clear two or less subjects, 916 students have to appear for a re-exam since they failed in more than three subjects.

Dinkar Patil, chairman, MSBSHSE said 916 students will have to appear for a re-exam.

“There are around 916 students who have failed in three or more subjects and will have to reappear for the exam. Whereas, there are 4922 students whose result is reserved with the board as most of them are repeaters and their records are not with the Board. We will be tabulating their records and updating their results in the next week. This may increase the pass percentage further,” said Patil.

Board officials also noted that nine schools in the state had zero pass percentage with not a single student clearing SSC. Out of these, two are from Pune division while four are from Nagpur, two from Mumbai and one from Nashik division.

“Some students may not have submitted any work at all during the entire year or failed to take internal assessments despite repeated attempts from schools. If it happened in two subjects, they are passed with ATKT or they have to appear for re-exam. As far as the nine schools are concerned, we are in the process of analysing why their results are nil,” said Patil.

In all, 1,04,633 students received more than 90 percent marks and 957 students got 100 percent marks. Overall, in the state, 2.02 lakh students received additional marks for participation and merit in sports, dance, arts, NCC and so on.

Division Registered candidates Assessment received Pass  Percent
Pune 265814 265801 265704 99.96
Nagpur 155506 15505 155263 99.84
Aurangabad 176302 176290 176223 99.93
Mumbai 347683 347667 347537 99.96
Kolhapur 134940 134939 134833 99.92
Amravati 158839 158837 158816 99.98
Nashik 200144 200144 200093 99.96
Latur 105399 105390 105357 99.96
Konkan 31138 31138 31138 100
Total 1575806 1575752 1574994 99.95

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