Over 2,000 cases in Vid for 5th day | Nagpur News - Times of India - Expert News

Over 2,000 cases in Vid for 5th day | Nagpur News – Times of India

Nagpur: The current surge in new cases of Covid-19 continued on Monday as Vidarbha reported more than 2,000 cases for the 5th consecutive day. This took the case count of the region above 3 lakh. Last 25,000 cases have been reported in 20 days only. More than 10,000 cases have been reported in last 5 days in Vidarbha which finally brought lockdown-like restrictions in half of the region.
On Monday, 2,308 new cases were reported. Highest 710 were from Nagpur district. These include 641 cases from Nagpur city, which is highest since October 3. However, 9,752 tests were conducted in a day in Nagpur. This means, 7.28% samples in Nagpur district tested positive which is in fact a relief factor. But in other districts of Vidarbha, the sample positivity rate was too high.
In Amravati, 2,260 tests were conducted and 673 of them were positive. This means, nearly 30% samples tested positive. In Buldhana, 350 of 1,448 samples tested positive which means near 25% sample positivity rate. In Yavatmal, 210 of 1,113 reports were positive (19%). In Akola, 206 of 858 reports were positive (24). In Washim, 62 of 540 samples tested positive.
In east Vidarbha, conditions were comparatively better. Wardha reported 45 new cases of 699 tests done in a day (7%), and Bhandara 15 of 456 tests (3.28%). Other districts also reported less number of cases. These include Gondia (14), Chandrapur (14), and Gadchiroli (9). The total reached 3,00,855 on Monday.
On the other hand, 1,338 patients recovered. These include Nagpur 437, Amravati 578, Yavatmal 107, Buldhana 96, Akola 46, Washim 27, Wardha 21, Bhandara 11, Gondia 8, Chandrapur 6, and Gadchiroli 1. Total 2,76,779 patients have recovered till date. This means 91.9% recovery rate in Vidarbha which is less than state and national averages.
17 deaths due to Covid were reported in a day. Eight out of them were from Nagpur district. These include 4 from Nagpur city, 2 from Nagpur rural and 2 from other state/divisions. Wardha reported 3 deaths, Akola and Amravati 2 each while Chandrapur and Yavatmal reported 1 death each. The death toll of Vidarbha has reached 7,240. Case fatality rate went down further to 2.41%.
Yavatmal: The district witnessed death of an 87-year-old man from the city due to Covid infection, which took the toll to 451 on Monday. The district is also experiencing spurt in Covid cases with the city reporting highest number of patients — 210 — on Monday. The administration received 1,113 test reports of which 210 were positive. Currently, there are 1,052 patients undergoing treatment in the district. Out of the total 16,255 patients detected so far, 14,755, including 107 on Monday, have recovered.
Amravati: A spike of 673 cases and two Covid deaths have taken the district’s caseload to 30,197 and the toll to 465 on Monday. The day also recorded 578 recoveries for a total of 26,399, leaving 3,798 under treatment.
Wardha: The district witnessed three more Covid deaths on Monday and 45 new patients, which took the caseload to 11,367, while 21 persons were discharged and recoveries reached 10,335. At present, 700 patients are under treatment.
Chandrapur: Even as cases have spiked in the districts around, Covid situation remained under control with only 14 new detections on Monday. The day also saw discharge of six persons, leaving 136 patients under treatment. Death of a 71-year-old person on Monday took the district’s Covid toll to 397. The cumulative Covid count has gone up to 23,382, whereas total recoveries to 22,849.
Akola: Two deaths of senior citizens were reported. There are 14,141 total cases, 11,631 recoveries, 355 deaths and 2,155 patients under treatment in the district.
Washim: With 62 new cases, 27 patients recovered in Washim. This took the total cases to 7,835 and recoveries to 7,141. No death was reported. Total 537 patients are under treatment here.
Buldhana: A record 350 patients were reported in a day while 96 patients recovered. No death was reported. Buldhana now has 16,496 cases, 14,686 recoveries, 187 deaths and 1,623 patients under treatment.
Gadchiroli: Total 9 new cases and 1 recovery marked Monday in Gadchiroli. Now, of 9,468 patients in the district, 9,291 have recovered. Recovery rate is 98.1%. Total 72 patients are under treatment.
Gondia: The district reported 14 new cases and 8 recoveries. No death was reported. The district now has 14,339 cases, including 14,093 recoveries, 185 deaths and 61 patients under treatment.
Bhandara: The district reported 15 new cases, 11 recoveries and no death. Total 167 patients are under treatment. The caseload has reached 13,512, including 13,019 recoveries and 326 deaths.

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