11 Covid care coaches are ready for use at Ajni Inland Container Depot

To fight COVID pandemic, Railway Coaches are prepared and to be used as COVID Care Centre as per the guidelines of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India. Rake of 11 Coaches (non -AC) and one additional coach for medical staff has been placed at Ajni, Inland Container Depot and handed over to Nagpur Municipal Corporation on May 2, 2021.

The duties and responsibilities of Railways and Municipal Corporation of Nagpur will be as per Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Divisional Railway Manager, Nagpur Division, Central Railway and the Commissioner, Nagpur Municipal Corporation.

Alok Kansal, General Manager, Central Railway has directed the Divisional Railway Manager, Nagpur Division to provide all help as prescribed as per the guidelines issued by MoHFW. He also said that this is a joint effort by the Railways and State Government of Maharashtra.

One additional coach will be utilized by Medical staff for donning and doffing, keeping the medical supplies and medical equipments. Rest of the 11 coaches will be used as COVID Care Centre where in each coach can accommodate 16 patients i.e. 02 patients per compartment (Total 176 beds). 02 Oxygen cylinders with stand are provided in each coach. Mosquito nets have been provided in each window and each coach is fitted with nine window coolers.

Cooling system is provided on roof of the coaches to reduce temperature in summer time. Water and electrical facilities have been provided in all the coaches. Signages regarding the use of coaches and beds are being provided.

Adequate linen has been provided for the use of patients and staff. The COVID positive patients who are asymptomatic or has mild symptoms will be shifted to these coaches. In any eventuality or the patient’s symptoms gets worsened, ready ambulance 24 x 7 will be available near the coaches to shift the patients urgently to higher centre i.e. Dedicated Covid Hospitals. The medical personnel and doctors appointed by NMC and staff will be providing services at these coaches. Bio-medical Waste disposal will be managed as per the guidelines of State authorities by the appointed waste disposal agencies.

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