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होम Nagpur Health care workers in Vidarbha to get Covid vaccine second dose from...

Health care workers in Vidarbha to get Covid vaccine second dose from 15 February | Nagpur News – Times of India

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NAGPUR: Second dose of Covid-19 vaccine for health care workers (HCW) will start in all 11 districts of Vidarbha on Monday. It is an important stage of vaccination programme as the ministry of health and family welfare (MoHFW) said sufficient antibodies for protection from novel coronavirus will develop in beneficiaries after two weeks of second dose.
Deputy directors of health services Dr Sanjay Jaiswal (Nagpur division) and Dr Rajkumar Chavan (Amravati division) told TOI, “Second dose is to be given to HCWs 28 days after first dose as per government guidelines. First dose was started on January 16 so second dose will kick-off from Monday. Government had already supplied sufficient number of doses of Covishield and Covaxin,” they said.

Municipal commissioner Radhakrishnan B and medical officer Dr Sanjay Chilkar said, “Co-WIN application developed by the government is automatically scheduling HCW for second dose. Co-WIN scheduled second dose of HCW on Monday for those vaccinated on January 16. It is being done when session is being created for each centre. Also, scheduling of first dose of HCW who did not turn up earlier is being also done. Vaccination of front-line workers (FLW) will also continue simultaneously,” they said.
The NMC control room as well as vaccination centres have started contacting HCW for second dose.
Radhakrishnan and Chilkar added, “HCW should not even wait for scheduling by NMC. They can go to the centre where they took the first jab and take second dose. Those out of station can take the jab anywhere across the state,” he said.
After first dose, HCW received certificate of ‘partially vaccinated’. They will get ‘fully vaccinated’ certificate after taking second dose.
On trial basis, the civic body had selected a doctor and administered second dose at vaccination centre at IGGMCH on Saturday. The beneficiary received ‘fully vaccinated’ certificate.
NMC has also received a call from a New Delhi-based HCW. “He took first dose in Delhi. Now, he wishes to take second one here as he is in city for some work. We will be processing his vaccination on Monday. In case it succeeds, it will help registered HCWs get the jab across the country,” NMC officials said.
On January 16, 3,881 HCW had taken the first dose and became eligible for second dose on Monday. Till February 13, 1,41,011 people, of which HCW 1,07,174 and FLW 33,837 had taken the jab in 11 districts of Vidarbha.
The state government had set deadline of February 14 for completion of first dose of HCW so that second dose begins from February 15. Around 60% HCW had turned up for the inoculation within the deadline.
Convener of Vidarbha Hospitals Association (VHA) Dr Anup Marar and infectious diseases specialist Dr Nitin Shinde have said that chances of minor adverse event following immunization (AEFI) like fever, body ache etc cannot be ruled out in second dose for HCW who did not witness any such effect in first dose. “It was observed Covid-19 recovered patients who were already having antibodies got minor AEFI after taking first dose. Some amount of antibodies developed in HCW after first dose. Therefore, there are chances of minor AEFI. But there is nothing to worry as minor AEFI is common in any vaccination and lasts for 1-2 days,” they said.

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