Hope against covid-19: Ozone therapy could be the best adjuvant option

Hope against covid-19: Ozone therapy could be the best adjuvant option

The Trust adds that Ozone can be used without worry because of the following resultant benefits of this “adjacent cure.”

1. No side effects as against the dreadful side effects of some allopathic drugs.

2. Increase in energy levels.

3. Body gets ‘detoxified’.

4. Pain is controlled.

5. Low cost therapy.

6. The therapy supposedly builds immunity and raises one’s anti-oxidant levels, also fighting free radicals in the body.

March 24th was also World Tuberculosis Day and the Forum proposed the use of this natural cure even to fight the killer disease. Often the antibiotics that are administered to fight TB can have a number of side effects. However when Ozone is used along with allopathic medicine, the “pus disappears and appetite of TB patients improves in general”. A TB patient’s recovery chances are bettered by this integrated cure and treatment. A TB patient we met at the Forum tells us she feels far better having done several sessions of Ozone Therapy at the centre.

Shares Dr. Mili Shah, President of the Forum at Bisleri, “We have trained doctors to administer the therapy at our clinic (at Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd.). There are 17 points of application of Ozone, that we undertake, for example the ear and the rectum are a few for mention.” Shah shares that one can call their office at Bisleri and get an appointment on either a Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 9 AM and 1 PM. The per session treatment cost is a mere Rs. 100 – Rs. 150, and lasts only 10 to 15 minutes. Hence one sees the remedy is economical and does not need hours of investment of one’s time, in a clinic – an experience that can be quite frightening and prove a deterrent for many.

Deputy Director at Nerul’s NGBSI, Dr. Nandini Gokulchandran shares that at the hospital in Navi Mumbai the Oxygen requirement of Covid-19 patients became zero by day 4 after application of the therapy. Explains she, “There were no long-term complications. No one became severe, after patients received ozonized saline. I too have never been infected even though I have frequently worked with covid patients, because I have been doing the therapy myself.”

Dr. Alok Sharma, Neurosurgeon and Director of NGBSI says about the therapy which has also been peer reviewed in European medical journals such as the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, “I worked closely with the Ozone Forum of India as a principal investigator for the trial of health workers conducted at NeuroGen. Our clinical studies in this regard have shown remarkable progress with the therapy. We used it on health workers who started developing covid, and the ones who were administered the therapy recovered faster. I recommend using this treatment along with existing medicines to speed up recovery and to curb mutants.”

If you are up for the treatment, book soon, taking a leap of faith in the sea of complementary cures that have been devised to fight the coronavirus. As they say, there can be no great detriment experienced.

The Forum has also come up with a range of ozonized products to help in pain relief (for knees and joint pains), to kill infections in the body for example eczema and herpes, to battle acne and wrinkles, and to even give a new lease of life to your mane (for issues such as dandruff and alopecia areata). These ozonated oils and creams can be obtained from your “nearest Ozone Therapy Practitioner” or you can visit www.ozoneforumofindia.com for more information on them.

Made of natural ingredients such as sesame oil, neem, clove oil, eucalyptus, grape seed extract and cucumber oil – some of which are ozonated – these creams and balms promise to help you fight everyday ailments and suffering – the ozonated way.

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