India slams doors on Myanmar refugees

India slams doors on Myanmar refugees

The Manipur government has asked the district administrations not to entertain people from across the Myanmar border, officials said on Monday. Only in case of grievous injuries, medical attention may be provided on humanitarian considerations.

The five DCs have been also ordered not to open any camps to provide food and shelter. People trying to enter or seek refuge should be politely turned away and Aadhaar enrolment should be stopped immediately.

According to officials, on Friday, some Myanmarese, including women and children, tried to enter Manipur through the Moreh-Tamu border but the security forces did not allow them to do so. (At least 90 people — including several children — were killed in the crackdown in Myanmar at weekend).

Myanmar’s Ambassador to the United Nations has appealed to the Indian government and various state governments to provide shelter to refugees given the humanitarian crisis in his country, saying the two countries “have a long history, let’s never forget that”.

The Biren Singh government’s order drew a lot of criticism on social media, with many claiming that the order is inhuman and goes against the country’s long cherished tradition of hospitality.

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