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होम Top stories Indore: Truck driver averts major fire outbreak in city

Indore: Truck driver averts major fire outbreak in city

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Indore (Madhya Pradesh): A truck driver in Indore on Monday, displayed great presence of mind averted what could have been a major fire outbreak.

A truck caught fire while welding work was being done on it in a garage at Transport Nagar in Indore on Monday afternoon. The driver not only steered the truck out of the narrow lanes to avoid spread of the blaze in the neighbourhood but also managed to extinguish it by taking the vehicle truck to a service centre.

“The driver sped the truck, which had caught fire out of the garage on such a busy road and took it to the service centre to get the fire doused. This happened around mid-day,” Jameel Khan, an eyewitness, said.

“There was some work going on in the workshop. The truck caught fire while we were doing some welding work. The driver, with great courage and control, took the truck to the nearby service centre and got the fire extinguished. It could have been a major fire breakout. This is a dense area and there are shops of wood and tyres in the neighbourhood. There could have been a serious incident,” said Shubham, a garage worker.

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