Kerala Assembly polls 2021: LDF govt betrayed people just as Judas did to Jesus, says PM Modi

Kerala Assembly polls 2021: LDF govt betrayed people just as Judas did to Jesus, says PM Modi

Thiruvananthapuram: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday likened the betrayal of Kerala in gold smuggling by the LDF government to the betrayal of Jesus by Judas. In the same breath, he accused the UDF of selling off even the rays of the sun.

Addressing an election rally in Palakkad, where Metro man E Sreedharan is seeking election to the assembly, Modi said both LDF and UDF are treating Kerala as their fixed deposit and looting the state by turn.

He described Sreedharan as the pride of Kerala and sought people’s endorsement for him as well as other BJP candidates. Sreedharan strove day and night for self-improvement as well as the progress of the country. If he had craving for power, he could have got in 20 years ago, Modi said. But he has chosen to align with a third front that has never tasted power in the state, which shows his commitment, the prime minister asserted.

Modi claimed that the BJP has a vision for Kerala, which is why the youth and professionals of the state are supporting the party. And this trend is catching on throughout the country, he added. This is because various sections of society believe that the BJP approach to development is the best.

Modi predicted that things would be different this time around and already there is a change in the political situation in the state. The new generation of voters are disenchanted with both LDF and UDF and looking for a viable alternative, he said.

Sreedharan knew that his joining the BJP would invite criticism from several quarters, but the conscientious man that he is, he decided in favour of national interest.

He pointed out that they come together in some states and fight each other in some others, as part of their common design. They were together in the first UPA government, but in Kerala they are fighting each other. Both pursue their own ways of making money on the side.

Modi said he feels honoured to have been part of a political party that stood up for the defence of faith and that protection of customs and traditions is a main plank of the party’s election manifesto.

The LDF leaders are constantly denigrating the culture and traditions of the land while the state government has been attacking the devotees, he said. The state party president was arrested and imprisoned for championing the cause of Sabarimala, he pointed out.

Modi warned the government that the devotees won’t be cowed down by ‘your lathis’ and they would not remain passive spectators. He also criticised the UDF for not doing anything when the faithful were under attack from the government and the ruling front.

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