Know Your Police Station: Mankapur

Know Your Police Station: Mankapur
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Part 15: Mankapur Police Station

Mankapur Police Station Nagpur City

Nagpur: Established on August 15, 2015 by bifurcating the existing Gittikhadan and Koradi Police Station, the Mankapur Police Station is currently led by Senior Police Inspector (PI) Vaijanti Janrao Mandhawdhare (a PSI of batch no. 96). Mankapur Police Station operates with 98 staff members including nine officials.

Mankapur Police Station comprises area between Zingabai Takli to Gorewada Vasti (E-W) and Petisur Vasti to Pagalkhana Chowk (N-S) with a dense population of 3.5 lakh citizens under 7-kilometres stretch.

Beat Marshal — NPC Suresh Shedke — Zingabai-Godhani beat — Mobile No: 8550974976

Central India’s prominent National Fire Service College, Mankapur Indoor Stadium, NADT Training Centre, Godhani Railway Station falls under Mankapur Police jurisdiction. Besides, Alexis Hospital, Medicare Hospital, Sanjeevni and Kunal Hospital, three flyovers, water treatment plant and MSEB’s 132 KB power plant comprises under Mankapur Police Station.

Beat Marshal — PC Luv Thakur — Mankapur-Gorewada beat — Mobile No: 9637489650

Mankapur Police Station comprises two beats, Mankapur-Gorewada beat (Beat Marshal – PC Luv Thakur – Mobile No: 9637489650) and Zingabai-Godhani beat (Beat Marshal – NPC Suresh Shedke – Mobile No: 8550974976). The two beats include seven slums — Rajnagar, Godawari, Ganga, Tajnagar, Sangam Nagar, Pitesur and Indira Mata Nagar Slums. PSI Kailash Magar (Mobile No: 9766561098) leads DB Squad of Mankapur Police. Anyone call dial Mankapur Police Station on — 0712-2304857 — for assistance.

Mankapur Senior Police Inspector Vaijanti Mandawdhare

Speaking to Nagpur Today, PI Vaijanti Mandawdhare who was the first female cop to lead Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS) discussed the various attempts that were undertaken by Mankapur Police to bridge the gap between citizens and cops. Besides, daily patrolling and route march in the area to curb nuisance in the area the PI Mandhawdhare said that she had already shared her numbers with citizens and advised them to directly call her on her personal mobile phone – 7972058168 — in case of any emergency or if anyone wants to share any secret information. Their anonymity shall be protected, assured PI Mandawdhare.

Mankapur Police Station DB Squad lead by PSI Kailash Magar (Mobile No: 9766561098)

Amplified patrolling to curb nuisance:
“Owing to the scattered area, cases of housebreakings and assembly at isolated places are some key problems we deal under Mankapur Police jurisdiction. Following which we have launched an organized crackdown on the anti-social elements. Besides, cops on the regular basis keep checks on repeated offenders to instill fear among them. We’ve also started patrolling using two vehicles in a bid to control nuisance in the area,” informed PI Vaijanti Mandhawdhare.

Significance of Local Interactions:
Mankapur Police make sure to interact with citizens while on patrolling duty to acknowledge the queries of the citizens. Apart from that, we also conduct Shantata Meetings, Mohalla Meetings, and Senior Citizen Meetings to hear their grievance. We’ve also appointed police doots in area and formed WhatsApp groups to keep tab on citizens’ quarries, said PI Vaijanti.

Special monitoring on senior citizens who stay alone:
“Mankapur Police Station has significant numbers of senior citizens who stay alone as their wards are working or completing their higher studies abroad. To ensure their safety, I’ve appointed a special squad to monitor them. Our staff is constantly in touch with them and even helped them a lot during the lockdown period. I’ve even shared my personal mobile number with them to contact me in any case of emergency,” said PI Vaijanti Mandawdhare.

Roll Call – Mankapur Police Station

Precautions are best preventive measures: PI Mandawdhare
Mankapur Nagar Police has comparatively low cases body offences here. Though, cases of housebreaking, petty disputes are the matter of concerns, said PI Mandawdhare and has urged citizens to install CCTVs at home, as precautions are best preventive measures. She has also advised citizens, especially woman to contact cops if found any suspicious activities in the vicinity.

Mankapur Police Station Map

In a bid to inform citizens about their regional Police Station, Nagpur Today came up with an exclusive series — Know Your Police Station – to enable all the necessary information regarding the Police Station to the general public. In the report, you will find information about the Police Inspector of the respective Police Stations, ways to contact them in case of any emergency, besides the official’s future goals in the region etc.

– Shubham Nagdeve and Ravikant Kamble

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