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Madhya Pradesh: BJP MLA and ex-minister Umang Singhar booked for abetment of suicide

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BHOPAL: BJP MLA and ex-minister Umang Singhar has been booked for abetment of suicide by Shahpura police on Monday.
According to reports, 39-year-old Sonia Bhardwaj had hanged herself to death in Singhar’s Bunglaw at B sector of Shahpura on Sunday evening. Singhar, who is already married, wanted to marry Sonia after divorcing his wife. In suicide note, Sonia had indicated that she was depressed over MLA’s behaviour.
The cops registered the case on basis of circumstantial evidences and the statement of Sonia’s son along with opinion of legal experts.
In suicide note, Sonia had mentioned that Singhar used to lose temper over trivial issues and fight with her.
ASP Rajesh Singh said the woman’s son said that Singhar used to quarrel with her. He told police that she often used to cry during video call with him. Suicide note also indicates the same. All facts and evidence collected by the investigation team indicated that the minister abetted suicide, said the ASP.
The woman had come in contact with Singhar one and a half years ago. The woman’s son said that the family was aware of their relationship and subsequent development. The MLA too had not denied his relations with her.

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