Madhya Pradesh: GenZ set to jazz up coronage Holi

Madhya Pradesh: GenZ set to jazz up coronage Holi

Realistic ‘Appy Holi’ app

The pandemic has collared Holi revellers this year, too. But GenX has picked up the gauntlet thrown down by the virus. They have come up with a scheme to splash colour on their pals virtually.

Chahat Gupta, an aspiring musician, told Free Press that she and her friends used to make the rounds of the city with buckets of colours in their hands each year. The pandemic has put a stop to their mischievous adventure, she says. However, nothing can stop her from painting the bright faces of her buddies with even brighter colours.

Chahat has found a mobile application, called ‘Appy Holi’, on play store that will help her paint the faces of all her friends with colours. She has pictures of all her friends on her mobile phone, she says. The app makes the pictures look so realistic that even her friends will be forced to wonder when she trespassed to put on the colours, believes Chahat.

Festooning city with colours

An 11-year-old artist, Shubhangi Jain, has some special plans for Holi this year. She says throughout the year, the pandemic has kept people indoors. She plans to rummage through all the lockdown pictures of the deserted lanes of Bhopal and paint them bright. She says painting is her hobby and the pandemic has given her time to work on it. She wants to festoon her city with so much of colour that it never fades.

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