Madhya Pradesh: Viral video ‘heavily edited’ to show minister in poor light: Prahlad Patel’s office

Patel, who is the MP from Damoh, was inspecting the district hospital there on Thursday, two days after oxygen cylinders were looted from the facility, his office said.

In the video, the man is seen approaching him and saying that his mother, a COVID-19 patient, needed oxygen cylinder. She was told she would get one after 36 hours, but it is yet to be provided, the man can be heard telling the minister.

The man is next seen raising a finger at Patel and using an expletive, to which the minister gestures at him to lower his finger, and said, “If you spoke in this manner, you will get two slaps (Aisa Bolega Toh Do Khayega).”

The man then replies that he is ready to accept the slaps. “Tell me what to do,” he is heard asking. “Calm down. Is anyone refusing you (the oxygen),” the minister asks. To this, the man is heard replying in a feeble voice that he had indeed been denied an oxygen cylinder.

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