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होम Top stories Opposition should talk carefully about COVID-19 crisis: Shiv Sena

Opposition should talk carefully about COVID-19 crisis: Shiv Sena

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Taking a dig at Darekar, the editorial said BJP leaders from Maharashtra should protest outside the AIIMS in Delhi if they thin its director is “misleading” the country.

It said criticising the chief minister when he is making people aware of the threat is akin to “committing treason with the state’s public”.

“The chief minister has taken strict measures. Why should the opposition not welcome those? The public belongs to the opposition as much to the ruling parties,” it said.

The Sena also said lockdown can lead to a collapse of the economy and hence, the Centre should help in such a case.

“A state like Maharashtra should get a special economic package in such a case. We won’t object if the opposition in Maharashtra insists on the financial package to (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi,” it said.

The opposition in the state is “not of Pakistani or Afghan lineage”. It is also from this soil (of Maharashtra), the Shiv Sena said.

Without naming anyone, it said “some people with wisdom” held a grand wedding ceremony recently and discipline was allegedly not followed there.

Key people from all parties were among those who allegedly did not follow discipline, it said without specifying any detail of the function or its venue.

“What orders can be given to the people then? The novel coronavirus does not spare anyone,” it added.

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