Ujjain: Universe’s first Holika Dahan held in Mahakal’s courtyard

Ujjain: Universe’s first Holika Dahan held in Mahakal’s courtyard

Ujjain: The universe’s first Holika Dahan was held in the Mahakaleshwar Temple’s courtyard amidst the lockdown on Sunday evening. For the first time, devotees were not present during the Holi celebration on the temple premises. The pundas and the pujaris played Holi by hurling Abir-Gulal in the air.

Its’ an ancient tradition that first Holi is celebrated at the Mahakaleshwar Temple and first Holka Dahan is also at the temple’s courtyard. This time only tradition was discharged , symbolically, in the absence of devotees because of Covid-19 outbreak.

On Sunday evening, after Sandhya Pujan and Aarti, the priest Ghanshyam Guruji performed puja in the temple complex and the traditional Holika dahan.

Poojarian Committee president Vijay Guru, Purohit Samiti president Ashok Guru, Sanjay Pujari and Pradeep Pujari were present. Tehsildar Purnima Singhi and additional tehsildar Moolchand Junwal and other officials were present to ensure compliance of all the rules.

Dahan of 5,000 cow dung cakes held in Singhpuri

In Singpuri, dahan of 5,000 kandas (cow dung cakes) was held in the evening. The organiser Pt Rupam Vyas said that this is the first Holi in the city, which is lit with flint stones.


Collector Asheesh Singh also issued orders pertaining to relaxations in the wake of Holika Dahan. As per the order the number of participants is capped at 20 subject to compliance with Covid-19 protocol. The women participated in the dahan and worshipped Holika. Shab-e-Baraat, Easter and Good Friday have also been allowed to celebrate with same riders on attendance.

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