Vidarbha: Only 37% healthcare workers show up for second dose on Day 1 | Nagpur News - Times of India

Vidarbha: Only 37% healthcare workers show up for second dose on Day 1 | Nagpur News – Times of India

NAGPUR: Second dose of Covid-19 vaccine has commenced in 11 districts of Vidarbha on Monday. It is considered crucial phase of vaccination programme as doctors say sufficient antibodies develop only after two weeks of second dose. Only 1,417 (36.51%) of 3,881 healthcare workers (HCW) who took the jab on January 16 and were due for second dose on Monday turned up on the first day in the region.
As per guidelines of ministry of health and family welfare (MoHFW), second dose is to be administered 28 days after the first dose.
Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) additional municipal commissioner Ram Joshi and medical officer Dr Sanjay Chilkar told TOI, “It is not mandatory that HCW should come and take the jab exactly 28 days later. Co-WIN app has automatically scheduled HCWs who took the jab on January 16 for Monday. The same will happen daily from now onwards. But HCWs can come as per their convenience and get the second dose.”
The officials said messages were delivered automatically by Co-WIN on Sunday and Monday to HCWs who took the jab on January 16. “NMC control room and centres also contacted them and reminded them about their second dose scheduled on Monday,” they said.
The officials added HCWs could go to any centre and take second dose. “If any HCWs are on tour, they can take the jab at any centre in the state,” they said.
Lowest turnout by HCW for second dose was in the city. Of total 509, only 131 (25.74%) availed the benefit. The achievement was satisfactory in Nagpur Rural where 224 (82.96%) of total 270 HCWs turned up for inoculation. Thus, 355 (45.57%) of total 779 HCWs took second dose in the district.
As far as division-wise turnout is concerned, Nagpur division did better where 1,047 (48.72%) of total 2,149 HCWs took second dose. It was only 21.36% in Amravati division where 370 of total 1,732 turned up for second dose.
In Nagpur division, highest turnout was registered in Bhandara district with 204 (76.98%) of 265 HCWs taking the second dose. In Gondia, 120 (56.34%) of 213 turned up, followed by Wardha— 157 (45.64%) of 344, and Chandrapur—148 (44.71%) of 331. Lowest turnout for second dose was registered in Gadchiroli district where 63 (29.03%) of 217 took the jab.
Centres continued to give first dose to HCWs who did not turn up earlier. 1,430 HCWs took first dose on Monday. Vaccination centres for first and second dose were the same. All the districts also continued vaccination of frontline workers (FLW) who are working in departments falling under ministry of housing and urban affairs, home affairs and revenue. 3,122 FLWs took the jab in 11 districts of Vidarbha on Monday. FLW vaccination commenced on February 5.
No case of adverse event following immunization (AEFI) was registered on Monday in both Nagpur and Amravati divisions. Experts had stated chances of minor AEFI like fever, bodyache etc in HCWs could not be ruled out after second dose. They also said there was nothing to worry as minor AEFI will last for a day or two.

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